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Martin Piskernig martin.piskernig at stuwo.at
Tue Mar 7 13:25:53 UTC 2000

Hollywood, CA. Tonight is the great premiere of "KDevelop Day", the new
fantastic movie by MGM studios, well known for their thrilling and action-full
film art. Plot is fast told: 2084. Dragon-like aliens (called "Konquis") enter
earth orbit and want to take over world domination by infiltrating computer
systems all over the planet with KDevelop. Their disguisting leader Tux
(Sean Connery,62), his face disfigured by a radioactive accident, versus the
Big Boss (Bill Gates,39) of the only computer company which is left after the
World War IV - the Information War -  wow, a great spectacle full of special
effects reaching their peak in the destruction of the Microsoft headquarters.
The rendering of this scene took 5 weeks to prepare all and everything being
now as precise as possible. So who wins the final battle? - "You will see
tonight", says Steven Spielberg(44), famous author and regisseur of Jurassic
Park, ET and The Jaws, smiling. "I hope Konquis will win" - laughs Alan Cox who
sees many parallels to the computer world today - "This situation could as well
have developed in our information industry" he resembles. So who else are we
gonna see tonight? Pamela Anderson(27) will be there as well as Harisson "Indy"
Ford(42). This film is definitely a hot candidate for the Academy Awards this
Martin Piskernig
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