kdk 1.1 and kdevelop1.1 logotp3.gif vs. logotp3.png

W. Tasin tasin at e-technik.fh-muenchen.de
Wed Mar 1 23:35:51 UTC 2000

Ralf Funken wrote:
> Hi ,
> there's a little problem with our nif template and ksgmltools. As you may know
> we use the png in our docs (and in the template) due to the license
> problems. I changed my kdesgmltools to create the html for kdevelop, however
> usually you won't do that, so your user documentation won't have no logo at
> all, as the ksgmltools 0.5 use gif. Now there are two possible solutions.
> Either we patch the ksgmltools in the kdk tarball and additionally offer a this
> patch, in case you download kdevelop standalone, or we change the template nif.
> I downloaded a snapshot of kdesdk today to see if it uses png now, but they
> already turned to using docbook.
> I'd prefer the png solution. What do you think?

I agree... and have already found (in the KDE-CVS) the last version of
KDESGMLTOOLS version 0.5 - 19991002, which handles this...

I will put this in the cvs of KDK and if there are no objections we can
make a tarball of the new "old" kdesgmltools and/or kdk.

PS: Ralf could you test this... you are more expert on this subject!
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