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Ralf Nolden rnolden at kdevelop.de
Wed Mar 1 09:49:10 UTC 2000

"R.Goniacz" wrote:
> Hello !!!
> I have a little problem with setup Qt2.1 & KDE2 libs in KDevelop.
> I've compiled and installed KDE2 in /opt/kde2 dir and Qt2.1 in
> /usr/lib/qt-2.1 dir - like described in MANUAL sect. 5 Installing KDE2
> to 5.3 Setting up KDevelop.
> But in last step after select paths /usr/lib/qt-2.1 and /opt/kde2
> KDevelop informs me by message box that
> "The chosen path does not lead to the Qt-2.x root directory.
> Please choose the correct path"
> This same situation exists for KDE2 path.
> Do I forget about something important....
> Is this the reason that is it impossible to create KDE projects by
> ApplicationWizard (my KDevelop creates only normal QT project).
> Sorry for my lamer questions but I'd like to work with a new one
> Qt2.x and KDE2 libs especially with new KParts.
> Regards R.Goniacz

Please check if you selected the right path for both values. The Qt2
path check is:




So you don´t have to set the include path (that is probably what you
have done), you have to set what is KDEDIR and QTDIR in KDE 1.x for the
KDE2/Qt2.1 values. For everything else, I don´t know what could have
went wrong- I was at the SuSE booth at the CeBit and demonstrated
KDevelop 1.1 with KScribble requiring these Path settings. I asked
Martin Konold for these path on their machine network and set them and
everything went fine. If you don´t get it to work, please compile a
tarball of KDevelop 1.1 by yourself - should be no problem.


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