Qt-2.1 & KDE2

R.Goniacz goniacz at wil.waw.pl
Wed Mar 1 08:38:04 UTC 2000

Hello !!!
I have a little problem with setup Qt2.1 & KDE2 libs in KDevelop.
I've compiled and installed KDE2 in /opt/kde2 dir and Qt2.1 in
/usr/lib/qt-2.1 dir - like described in MANUAL sect. 5 Installing KDE2 
to 5.3 Setting up KDevelop.
But in last step after select paths /usr/lib/qt-2.1 and /opt/kde2
KDevelop informs me by message box that 
"The chosen path does not lead to the Qt-2.x root directory.
Please choose the correct path"
This same situation exists for KDE2 path.

Do I forget about something important....

Is this the reason that is it impossible to create KDE projects by
ApplicationWizard (my KDevelop creates only normal QT project).

Sorry for my lamer questions but I'd like to work with a new one
Qt2.x and KDE2 libs especially with new KParts.

Regards R.Goniacz

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