[Fwd: kdevelop.cpp]

Bernd Gehrmann bernd at physik.hu-berlin.de
Tue Jun 27 22:22:41 UTC 2000

On Wed, 28 Jun 2000, John Birch wrote:
> Is the widgetCreated signal an option? And arn't the position hints 
> dockwidget specific so that the part cannot know this?

This was meant in the spirit of X-KDevelop-ComponentType, which
obviously becomes obsolete by a widget-specific. I have
consciously chosen identifiers for this which describe
semantics. So they are not 'Left' and 'Bottom', but
'SelectView' and 'OutputView' (I freely admit that these
aren't very creative names; if you have a better idea,
speak up :-) A SelectView is something that (in KDevelop 1.2)
is grouped together with DOC, LFV and RFV. An OutputView is
something that is grouped together with the compiler messages
and application output.

> It doesn't make sense for me to continue without knowing this :-)

Heh :-) 


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