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Falk Brettschneider gigafalk at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 27 08:05:32 UTC 2000

John Birch wrote:

> Hmmm,
> Interesting.
> I have intended to put all the debugger into a part and have it create the
> dockwidgets, attaching them to a dockwidget supplied by kdevelop. And in fact
> that's what I have, except that it isn't hooked up and isn't complete (it
> could be commited, though)
> Falk, are you saying that this won't work? And if so, why not? It would be a
> shame if we cannot allow parts to create their own dockwidgets.

John, you and Bernd use a decentralized approach (every part docks itself, and
uses direct calls of methods of the dockwidgets).
I am opposed to it and I want to implement a centralized approach. That means:
No other part than a special source code part for managing the dockwidgets
(within class KDevelop) uses any special dockwidget call. It should be hidden
and abstracted to the outside code (within the KDevelop project). The current
small abstraction interface is embedToolViewInGUI(QWidget*,...hints...).
In my opinion the centralized approach is also necessary because of the
centralized loading/saving of dockconfigurations and global dockwidget control
(dependencies, etc.).
Furthermore a decentralized approach makes it harder to change the GUI in
general. As I said before if one wants to change from dockwidgets to another GUI
design, he/she have to change all involved parts, in the worst case, basically.
Last but not least approach of the Dockwidget class set itself is more thought
as centralized one.



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