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Falk Brettschneider gigafalk at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 22 06:15:38 UTC 2000

Ralf Nolden wrote:

> Feel free to hack ! ;-)

That's why the phrase: "What the heck..."...

> Falk, could you discuss things with
> Simon about KParts ? He´s definitely the expert here and can tell you
> the details about the konqueror design as an example for the class
> structure to be used.

OK, hi Simon, can you hear me? ;-)
I've got a problem with the dynamism of the XML menu description. You know, Ralf
created a kdevelop.rc file that contains an XML-based data description of the
menus in KDevelop. As I understand that right, the file is parsed by KParts&Co. on
application startup. Well, all works fine except until we do more than that
statical menu creation. For instance an additional mainmenu item must be inserted:
the MDI 'Window' menu. That popup menu can't be handled by KPart because it is
dynamically managed by the Qt-only MDI control. For example every MDI view user
action changes the 'Window' menu because menu entries (the view entries) are
I see only a solution in that way: After KParts menu buildup I insert the 'Window'
menu item manually by
   menuBar()->insertItem(i18n("&Window"), m_MDIMainFrm->windowMenu(), -1, 7);
Do you see another way?
How about the dynamism in KParts GUI creation?



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