kdevelop actions

John Birch jbb at kdevelop.de
Thu Jun 22 01:24:57 UTC 2000

Hi all,

Wouldn't it be better if the actions lived in the corresponding part and were 
plugged into the main ui when the part was loaded?

For instance the action to "step_over" has no meaning outside the debugger. 
So why is is necessary to put this action into kdevelop?

And for the sake of agrument, imagine if the user could select from two 
different debuggers, where the set of actions do not match.

The debuggers do need to honour the KParts "debugger" interface though, so 
that the signals/slots can be hooked together (eg to show current debugger 
possition in the editor the debugger would raise the showPosition(blah) 
signal which is hooked to the editor slot whatever(blah))

Thoughts (flames :-)



Just recovering from hard drive corruption, so I'm not altogether, at the 
moment. Could have been artsbuilder (crash "coincided" on closing 
artsbuilder, or perhaps it was 2.2.16 or ...)


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