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Sandy Meier smeier at
Fri Jun 16 07:26:11 UTC 2000


On Fri, 16 Jun 2000 you wrote:
> Hi,
> > > interface-frozen, and some other programs uses the Dockwidgets as it is.
> > > Is KParts::MainWindow completely different than KTMainWindow? In that
> > > case I see big problems...
> > How about multiple inheritance ? DockMainwindow and KParts::MainWindow
> > both inherit KTMainWindow so I think it´s worth a try ?
> Aha!
> Sounds good. :-)
> Then I could at least try to redirect the inheritance and "insert"
> KParts::MainWindow between DockMainWindow and KTMainWindow... stay
> tuned...

This isn't possible because QObject doesn't allow multiple Inheritance. :-( In
my opinion the only solution would be to have an own KDockMainWindow in KDevelop
which overwrite the KDE one and inherit from KPart::MainWindow.


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