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Thu Jun 15 06:17:46 UTC 2000


Ralf Nolden wrote:
> I´m currently implementing CKDevelop from scratch as KDevelop and then
> want to put it to CVS when the UI is complete and the normal slots that
> are called by the UI are in at least as frame functions.
If you want to rewrite this class, I strongly advise to divide at least
in _two_ classes! One for the main widget and one for the application
framework/logic. I did so in our commercial application and it reduced
the class size a lot, furthermore with a good interface between both
classes one can replace the main widget (GUI) by keeping the framework.

> I´ve
> inherited from KParts::Mainwindow, but I see there will be some
> complications with the inheritance of DockMainWindow from KTMainWindow,
> not from KParts::MainWindow. Could you change that...
What? DockMainWindow shouldn't inherit KTMainWindow but
KParts::MainWindow? Well, I fear that isn't possible 'cause it breaks
the whole Dockwidget class set code a know KDE2 is almost
interface-frozen, and some other programs uses the Dockwidgets as it is.
Is KParts::MainWindow completely different than KTMainWindow? In that
case I see big problems...

> Is that OK with you if that would cause some more work to put the MDI
> and dockwidget stuff into dedicated methods so it isn´t messed up around
> the whole class ?
Don't know how. Changing a base class ever causes a recompile. I only
see a chance for your wish, if one divides into GUI and application
control. KDE has a main mistake: I mean, Application and MainWindow is
the same there.



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