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Shannon Petry shannon.petry at
Tue Jun 13 17:42:48 UTC 2000

Your site features "kccc" a cd label maker.  This program has some
malicous behaviors.  Namely that it scans user input for the word
"Microsoft".  If Microsoft is detected, it replaces it with "Microsoft
Here is an extraction from "" included in kccc's code.
#ifndef I_AM_A_SUCKER
        Microsoft is a trademark of
        Microsoft Cooperation, USA

        To Microsoft:
        Be lucky that this is an open
        source project :-)
        b.replace("Microsoft","Microsoft SUCKS");
        b.replace("MICROSOFT","MICROSOFT SUCKS");
                Revenge for kerberos!
                It's Judgement Day!
                Isn't it fun to be a hacker?

                SPASS MUSS SEIN  (german wise saying)

It is more of a nuisance than anything, but please warn users.  It looks
as if this same code is also in "ccc" by ulli meybohm.  I dont have the
source code for that, nor do I want to.

Anyway, it can be easily fixed by removing the lines above from the
mentioned file.  However, kind of a crappy thing to do to users who dont
know better.
It is shit like that, that will keep Microsoft strong.


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