Christian Couder christian at
Fri Jun 2 09:22:06 UTC 2000

Ralf Nolden wrote:

> Hi,
> AFAI understand the thing about kwrite now is that as it´s moved to
> kdebase we have to get our own version anyway.

I don't think the where-do-we-put-the-kwrite-stuff problem is closed on the
kde-core-devel list.
So we can talk with them before we do something.

Perhaps we can come to an agreement to put back most of the kwrite code to

> How we do that, either by
> copying the sources as we did until now or if we link them into CVS
> someway (so checking out kdevelop will retrieve kwrite as well) depends
> on us. This is because we cannot depend on kdebase necessarily, and if
> we have any major changes that can´t be put into kdebase´s kwrite we
> have to have our own tree anyway.

Perhaps they can understand that we need to be able to change kwrite even
if they decided a freeze.

What can we loose?
If they say "No we won't make an exception for you! Everything will be
freezed next week!", then they cannot tell us not to have our own kwrite
copy to make improvements.
And if they agree to make an exception for us and to put back most of the
kwrite code in kdelibs then everything is fine for us.


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