Kdevelop base design (was Re: file views)

Falk Brettschneider gigafalk at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 7 11:05:39 UTC 2000


Richard Dale wrote:

> On Thu, 06 Jul 2000, John Birch wrote:
> > I've also wondered at the use of MDI (Hi Falk :-). You're going to hate me,
> > but I've been thinking that dockviews really makes MDI redundent. I think the
> > MDI view adds another level of user confusion, but I can change my mind :-))
> > I'm pretty sure the user just wants to see one or more views into one or more
> > files at the same time.
> I agree - I found the MDI windows confusing, like having a window manager
> within a window manager.

That's why qextmdimainfrmview is a KPart. I considered to make it configurable to
use another plugin for the MDI-views space, probably dockwidget-oriented as John
Birch prefers (an emulated KDEStudio ;-).

> But a good way of switching windows is needed. I
> found the horizontal button list to switch windows worked well, until you have
> more than about 10 windows. It is then no longer possible to read the filenames
> without tool tips, as the buttons are too narrow.

I don't have problems on a 40'' monitor and resolution 4000x3000... ;-)

> I expected the view to
> acquire a horizontal scroll bar when the buttons had reached a minimum width
> and no new ones could be fitted in (is it possible to have scrolling views of
> buttons in Qt/KDE?). Would the buttons be better placed in a vertical line
> rather than horizontally?

It's already possible to drag'n'drop the MDI view taskbar to vertical position.

> -- Richard



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