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Falk Brettschneider gigafalk at
Tue Jul 4 07:06:23 UTC 2000

Ralf Nolden wrote:

> Falk Brettschneider wrote:
> > The page width is fixed.

Because the flexibility is not in a stretchable page header but in the number
of visible page headers. Maxim decided for the second one and won't do
anything else.

> > I implemented the tooltips for text...
> So we don´t have text on the tabs anymore ? I think that will bring us
> even more bad comments than those about the intuitivity of CV or RFV...

Well, I don't see a problem here. If someone wants to know what means "that
funny icon there", he does the same procedure as for toolbars - resting the
mouse on the control and see what the tooltip shows. After that he will be
satisfied until the Alzheimer hits him again (,if the tooltip doesn't show
e.g. "CV" ;-).
I implemented that because of several wishes of people (also at the forum).
But I agree that we add an entry in "Options/Look-and-feel" called "Show/Hide
tab page text titles" in a way that "Show" is default, OK? I mean a global
show or hide because it doesn't make sense to switch it on or off for every
single dockwidget.

> If you´d know how much faith I have in holes....;-) I really haven´t
> done anything for the two exams I´m going to write for almost a year so
> I currently know a bit more than nothing and I only hope my colleagues
> will help me by explaining things in a kind of crash-course....;-)

A typical student :) My opinion was reading a lecture script from scratch and
on one ride in 1 week is more rational than everything. Usually, lecturers
ain't good teachers, are they?


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