CVS problems: @LIBDL@ and LEXLIB

jbb jbb at
Fri Jan 28 23:49:58 UTC 2000

On Sat, 29 Jan 2000, you wrote:
> Falk Brettschneider wrote:
> > Hi Christian,
> >
> > It seems, the ldl library (dynamic link loader) is not installed on your
> > computer. :-( That's why for instance that missing dlopen (the command
> > that loads a lib dynamically). I don't know much about LIBDL but I bet
> > it has to do with it...
> Hi Falk
> Yes, in my system there are a libdl.a and a in usr/lib/.
> > LEXLIB could be deal with lexx and yacc (syntax parser stuff). You
> > should check if they are installed.
> There are lex and yacc in usr/bin/ though lex is only 21 bytes big.
> Perhaps I have a problem with lex?

lex is probably a symlink to something else (eg flex).
Does the something else exist?


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