CVS problems: @LIBDL@ and LEXLIB

Christian Couder chcouder at
Fri Jan 28 08:16:12 UTC 2000

jbb wrote:

> Hi Christian,
> IIRC you're on Mandrake/Redhat - the same as me?


My old computer has a Mandrake 6.1 and my new one (on which I compile now) a
Slackware 7.0.

> It works okay here, but I did a
> make -f kde_dir/kde-common/admin/Makefile.common cvs-clean

I don't understand this command because on my Slackware the kde directory is
/opt/kde and there is no "kde-common" directory inside.
Did you get kde from cvs?

Should I get kde from cvs to compile kdevelop?

Thanks for any answer,


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