Fwd: Pre-orders and your referrer available

Sandy Meier smeier at rz.uni-potsdam.de
Tue Jan 25 14:35:05 UTC 2000


Following message contains some more details about the KDE/KDevelop book sale.
If nobody is against this, I will post some information on our website.


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Subject: Pre-orders and your referrer available
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 20:46:27 -0800
From: Joshua Drake <poet at linuxports.com>


We are now accepting pre-orders for the KDevelop book. You may want to
post that to the KDevelop website. Also, per our conversations, the
KDevelop project gets 20% of all sales, but gets 40% of those sold off
your website.

I would suggest going here
https://secure.linuxports.com/cart/addref.phtml and fill out the
Also you can grab the picture of the cover right all the LinuxPorts site
and use that as the link if you like. After filling in the information
on the above page it will give you everything you need to make the stuff

Good Luck!

Joshua Drake

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