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Sun Jan 23 19:11:15 UTC 2000

On Fri, 21 Jan 2000, you wrote:
> John asked if anyone had had a Deja Vu. Well
> here I am :-)
> There's another reduntant button though. The traffic light is not used during
> debugging, too. 

Don't know what this button is for. It doesn't have any "what's this" info.
There's also no "what's this" for Declaration/Defination, Reload and User
Manual. The user manul button looks odd too as it's that's typically the home

> John asked for idea so I'll take part in this brainstorming. The stop sign
> should be used like it was before it went into the panel. The traffic light
> could be used to interrupt. And now what is more difficult and may make it
> impossible to realize my idea ( as it may require a lot of changes, I don't
> know). The buttons which can't be used at a given time are simply greyed out.
> What if they were replaced with buttons that can be used at that moment? E.g.
> while debugging, the cut and paste section is not used. So they could be
> replaced with the debugger buttons as soon as you start it. If the whatsthis
> button was placed into the help section, there would be enough room for all the
> remaining debugger buttons in the main panel.

I'm not very good with user interface, but one of the rules is "don't add or
remove items from menus/toolbar. Disable (grey out) if not available at a
particular place".
I was breaking this rule when the user selects external debugger as I removed
all internal debugger items from the interface. With the new debug menu and
buttons, they now just remain greyed out, _but_ the internal debugger tabs don't
appear when you start kdevelop up with the external debugger.
It's sort of a bug.


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