debugging toolbar position

Ralf Funken funken.ruk at
Thu Jan 20 20:24:19 UTC 2000

John asked if anyone had had a Deja Vu. Well
here I am :-)
There's another reduntant button though. The traffic light is not used during
debugging, too. 
John asked for idea so I'll take part in this brainstorming. The stop sign
should be used like it was before it went into the panel. The traffic light
could be used to interrupt. And now what is more difficult and may make it
impossible to realize my idea ( as it may require a lot of changes, I don't
know). The buttons which can't be used at a given time are simply greyed out.
What if they were replaced with buttons that can be used at that moment? E.g.
while debugging, the cut and paste section is not used. So they could be
replaced with the debugger buttons as soon as you start it. If the whatsthis
button was placed into the help section, there would be enough room for all the
remaining debugger buttons in the main panel.


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