Bug #2552

Ralf Funken funken.ruk at netcologne.de
Sun Jan 23 10:57:05 UTC 2000


Unfortunately Holger couldn't write in English so here's a translation of  what
he wrote. I know that German is understood by many of the kdevelop team but
maybe it's interesting for all of you. I tested some of what he wrote and my
comments are in brackets.

First paragraph is a congratulation. He says that th programmers did a really
great job and he's going to say goodbye to emacs. (This isn't a bug but this
goes to you and you deserve to get the good news, too :-) )

First bug reported
Crash when adding existing files.
He tried 10 times and kdevelop crashed three times, once after 10 files had
been added successfully, twice right after the first file. He could't find any
circumstances under which the error is reproducable regularly. The project was
always terminal,C,with CVS and without any additional choices (no docs, readme
a.s.o.) The file that caused the error had been copied to the project dir, was
OK but hadn't been added to the project. A second try with the same file

Second Bug
This is actually a description of Bug #2481
(verical scrollbars not visible in translated versions. My workaround works but
he has to manually resize the tab on every start to make the scrollbar visible.
You know that the tabwidth is frozen then, because the frames still overlap.)

Class Viewer
Given the following:
while (bedingung) {
#ifdef DEBUG
debug_var += interessanter_wert;

He says the while is displayed as function ( I couldn't reproduce that, for me
it works OK)

Second example:

* in blabla.h

#define voidp void*

void sinnvolle_function(voidp p);

* in blabla.c

void sinvolle_function(void* p) /* #define voidp not recognized */

Function sinnvolle_function is displayed twice ( That's true for me, too)

structures in CV
typedef struct sinnlos {
union {
int a;
int b;
} a_b;
union {
int c;
int d;
} c_d;
} sinnlos;

#define A a_b.a
#define B a_b.b
#define C c_d.c
#define D c_d.d

`sinnlos' isn't displayed, instead  `a_b', but not `c_d' are displayed.
( Same for me )

Properties in LFV
Input line 'filter' doesn't scroll correctly. Cursor disappears but text isn't
scrolled. Besides input writes over border of input box.
(Nothing wrong for me there. Everything works like it should)


#ifndef __filename_h
#define __filename_h

should be inserted in header files automatically. 
( Well, it is for c++, but not for c code. But while checking this I recognized
something which is wrong. If you have a C projekt you can create new
classes, which is obviously nonsense.)

Assembler mode with syntax highlighting and wide tabs.

Auto indention ( is in the editor already)

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