KDevelop-1.1-beta1.0 Objective-C patch - using the Debugger with objc

jbb jbb at ihug.co.nz
Thu Jan 20 03:32:22 UTC 2000

On Thu, 20 Jan 2000, you wrote:
> I've updated my patch I submitted a couple of months ago for
> adding Objective-C support for KDevelop1.1beta1.0. Please find it attached to
> this email. 
> Copy kdevelop-1.1-beta1.0objc.patch to the directory above KDevelop-1.1-beta1.0
> $ cd  kdevelop-1.1-beta1.0
> $ patch -p1 < ../kdevelop-1.1-beta1.0objc.patch
> $ ./configure
> $ make
> $ make install
> I've been trying out the new integrated debugger, and can confirm it works a
> treat in conjuction with a 'patched for Objective-C gdb'. You can set break
> points, step into method calls (or I could once I worked out I needed to run
> strip on my 'libobjc.a' runtime library file). And it seemed happy examining
> values in Objective-C instances. ...And then I was happy too! Love the little
> green arrow, and the syntax highlighting etc

If anyone out there is collecting stories about why open source works, here's
story number 1,000,001 :-)

> However, I like to keep my patched gdb in '/usr/local/bin' and the standard one
> in '/usr/bin' - so it would be useful to configure the path. 

Okay. I'll add an option into the config file. Is this worth adding to the
debug options dialog though? Perhaps... Hmmm

> I couldn't get the GNUstep test app 'Edit.app' to run when statically
> linked (using a 'make debug=yes shared=no' command). So, to run the dynamically
> linked version, I started KDevelop from the command line to pick up a suitable
> value of $LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Then everything worked. I tried adding a '-x
> /tmp/gdb/env' command under 'Set debug arguments', but I don't think it was
> being passed to gdb.

Ah, that's being passed to the application not to the gdb startup. Not a good
description. I'll change that to
"Set app arguments when debugging"
I could use the "Execute with arguments" arguments and use this for gdb
arguments. The problem with this, is that you have to startup your app with
"Execute with arguments" first.
I could do "Debug with argruments" so that it works like "Execute with
arguments" _and_ have gdb arguments as well?

This last sounds better. Okay?

Should this patch be added to the 1.1 release? Does it break (or make it too
awkward for)  "normal" C/C++? Sandy?

> Would it be a good idea to have a 'Dynamic Link' options
> tab under the 'Project->Options...' menu?
> Automake doesn't work properly with Objective-C on the version of
> Linux that I have. That messes up auto adding objc files to KDevelop
> unfortunately for the moment. I think I have a suitable work around - it really
> needs another project type adding to the Project Creation wizard to set up the
> 'configure.in' and other files with the automake variables and macros that work
> with Objective-C (and a small fix for the 'automake' script'). I looked on the
> Cygnus web site, but couldn't find any documentation, although there were bug
> fixes apparently being logged for it.
> Regards
> -- Richard

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