Printing documentation & KDE 2 frame apps (part2)

Ralf Nolden Ralf.Nolden at
Sun Jan 16 18:09:09 UTC 2000

Stefan Heidrich - DI wrote:
> >create Qt2 apps with KDevelop 1, we could make this an option by taking
> >the KDevelop 2 templates and add them to the existing, make an option in
> >the Appwizard for KDE 2/Qt2 to generate the new projects. Then the user
> >only has to set the correct links to the libs/headers while still
> >working with KDevelop 1.1. Any comments on this idea ?

> can you tell me, what must be done exactly. Can you send me the projects for
> KDE2/QT2. Where must be set the correct links to the libs/headers?
Hi Stefan !

we just have to take the templates from head and change their names to
something different than the existing ones in KDEVELOP_1_0 and put them
into the 1_0 branch. Then add the templates with clear notice for KDE2
/Qt 2.x into the appwizard projectselection-tree, maybe with some themed
screenshots. I will create two new MDI templates using QWorkspace and
put them into both branches. I think I can use the same filenames and
variables, so unpacking and configuring only requires additional calls
for the other template-filenames (e.g. normal.tar.gz /normal2.tar.gz ).
A BIG messagebox with hints to set the path correct and making all
libraries available in LD_LIBRARY_PATH would last I think so users won't
complain they didn't know this is meant for KDE2 /Qt2. The MDI-templates
have to have messages that they require a current qt-2.1 snapshot and
KDE snapshot *after* today because of the min/max/close buttons in
KMenuBar. Linking should be no problem if the libs are all available in
LD_LIBRARY_PATH, only the includes could make some trouble as the path
to these have to be added to the configure script if we want the apps to
compile and run without changing QTDIR and KDEDIR. Could we make a
request dialog to enter the include path to the KDE2/QT2.x includes and
append the information to the ./configure call ? Maybe an additional
info should be added into the projectfile so that the path can be
appended when the user invokes ./configure from the menubar later. I
know it's a bit of work but should make no big deal; most part of it is
security work so we don't get too much complaints from the users later.

Goal set- let's go !! ;-) It's sooooo good being back ;-)


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