Printing documentation & KDE 2 frame apps

Ralf Nolden Ralf.Nolden at
Sat Jan 15 10:36:08 UTC 2000

Stephan, can I remove the a2ps documentation out of the handbooks
completely or do you plan to put the a2ps configuration dialog in again
sometime ?

The second thing I have in mind is that the frame apps for KDE2 /Qt2 are
ready in HEAD. I myself use KDevelop 2 to create a project for KDE 2 and
then edit it with KDevelop 1 by changing only my installation links to
the new Qt/KDE libs/headers. As many asked if it would be possible to
create Qt2 apps with KDevelop 1, we could make this an option by taking
the KDevelop 2 templates and add them to the existing, make an option in
the Appwizard for KDE 2/Qt2 to generate the new projects. Then the user
only has to set the correct links to the libs/headers while still
working with KDevelop 1.1. Any comments on this idea ?



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