KDevelop 1.1 release schedule

Benoit Cerrina benoit.cerrina at writeme.com
Mon Jan 10 22:35:23 UTC 2000

On dim, 09 jan 2000, you wrote:
I've commited two patches to CVS:
	One improves the way the newClassDialog works, if the filename for
header or impl specify a relative name of a directory which doesn't exist it
will create it (this is the same behavior as for the new file dialog).  And the
#include statement in the cpp is now correct even if the cpp and h file are not
in the same directory.
	The other improves the  classview refresh time, specially when removing
a file adding a class or saving a file.

  > On Sat, 08 Jan 2000 you wrote:
> > Was there some other patches that could be included? The htdig patch comes to
> > mind that could be good (does it coexist with glimpse?).
> I guess yes, but the patch isn't compatible with the current CVS version.:-( I
> will ask the author for a new patch.
>  > And the pascal highlighter patch for
> >kwrite. (Pascal? yes I remember that one > :-)
> Added.
> Ciao!
> Sandy
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