KDevelop 1.1 release schedule

jbb jbb at ihug.co.nz
Fri Jan 7 21:05:09 UTC 2000

Hi all,

Here is the proposed release schedule for KDevelop 1.1
Sun. 16th Jan
KDevelop 1.1 Beta1

Added features
Visual bookmarks.
Integrated debugger

around Sun. 30th Jan
KDevelop 1.1 release

There is no documentation for integrated debugger (TBD)
tty/console apps cannot be debugged with integrated debugger. (TBD)
Delete/insert lines before breakpoints cause breakpoint problems (TBD)
breakpoints not saved for project. (maybe wait for 2.0, but should be easy)
No accel keys for debugger (wait for 2.0)
Translations (Ralf Funken has done german for debugger)


There has been a fair amount of code added to kdevelop (integrated debugger)
that _really_ needs testing. :-)

Bugs in other parts of kdevelop have been reported but developers have been
unable to work on these to date. If some bug fixes could be done for this
release that would be excellent.

How do you all feel about this release schedule?
My major headache will be documentation. If I could get help with this, I'd be
very grateful.
I'd like to finish this as soon as possible, so we can get on with a
kdevelop 2 version. But if my code won't fly then it won't get a release.

In kdevelop.kdevprj, changing "bin_program=kdevelop" to
"bin_program=.libs/kdevelop" will allow you to debug kdevelop with kdevelop



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