KDevelop - some suggestions from a mortal... :)

ZabreWolf of Corsair kalle.alm at home.se
Fri Jan 7 17:56:25 UTC 2000

1: Add a separate "folder" on the tree-menu which is called
"online-docs"or something like that - it would be useful to have
where you easily can place those darned texts/documentations you're
things up in... especially for a person like me who's been using
Qt/C++-programming for about 7 days... I need to have an easy way to
look up
"other" things than the online-documentation provided with Qt.

2: Fix the browser bug when flipping pages, f.e. while you're looking in

the tutorial at several different program files; you check out a file,
then you press "back", and expect to return to the tutorial but instead
end up in another file, ex: looking at "cannon.h", pressing "back",
ending up
in "lcdrange.cpp". This doesn't happen all the time and I don't have any

concrete  examples... it just happens alot...

3: Add the ability to rename the files within the project.  I had to do
that once and it was a major p.i.t.a.

I don't know if you or Qt provided the Qt-tutorial, but I might as well
this anyway...

(4:) More tutorial! At least another one equally big! I don't know if
the only one who's learning C from scratch using your tutorial, but I
must say
it worked out pretty well...! (except the small bugs in the tutorials,
which I
had to fix myself...).

(5:) Talking about bugs in the tutorial... I think you should try your
tutorials out once more, reading 'em through, because f.e. the last
("facing the walls") isn't working. Another tutorial a few steps
isn't working either.... (tip: it needs a connector...)

6: Ability to make .rpm's/.deb's? I'd like it, if you'd like it! :-)
Allright, I'm not "that" into rpm's and stuff, maybe it's an
impossibility to
make an .rpm out of a project... I don't know... well..

Thank's for reading my thoughts, I'd love to hear from you if you
decide to adapt any of my "theories".. :)

  /Kalle Alm     -   kalle.alm at home.se

  En cigarett till kaffet är som att slicka Gud i röven...
  ...Det är skönt för stunden, men eftersmaken är för jävlig...

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