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Sandy Meier smeier at
Mon Jan 3 16:14:04 UTC 2000


I think is a great idea but in my opinion there are 2 reasons
against a move at the moment. First the KDevelop homepage is build with PHP
and PostgreSQL. ( offers "only" mysql at the moment) and second is a relative new project and it would be much work and  risk
to switch to it. CVS,cgi-scripts,cronjobs and so on. But maybe we should set up
some mirrors of the KDevelop homepage.


On Fri, 24 Dec 1999 you wrote:
> Hi,
> I've done some checking regarding the web site
> The connection to it seems pretty slow - specially when slashdot effect
> is on. The access is slow also from some coutries in Europe.
> My suggestion: Move the site and all the contents to
> Here are my reasons:
> * It can be accessed fast from everywhere..
> * No problem to access it when slashdot effect is on..
> * It's totally free
> * It got backup daily with every imaginative services are also offered
> for free..
> * Unlimited storage for all kdevelop related stuff..
> What do u think?
> Thanks
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