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Sandy Meier smeier at kdevelop.de
Mon Feb 28 22:14:00 UTC 2000

> Hmm
> Which will be harder
> porting the new bits of kdevelop1.1 into kdevelop2.0
> or
> porting 1.1 then adding the new pieces from the current kdevelop2.0
> There was a lot of work from the kdevelop 2 branch point (which was quite
> some time prior to 1.0 IIRC) to the 1.1 version, so finding and changing (if
> not obsoleted by new code) is going to be difficult.
> I think the amount of work will be a bit of a toss of the coin as to which is
> easier, but if a 1.1 port is done then you'll have a better platform to
> continue developing kdevelop2.


"Porting 1.1 then adding the new pieces from the current kdevelop2" would be
_much_ more harder and more timeconsuming.  We will need 3-4 weeks to port
KDevelop1.1 (it is really difficult, believe me) and than "readding" new
outputviews (colored), new component framework (see classes "ComponentManager"
and "Component"), MDI/Dockwidget incl. new filehandling, new doctree
(config),many codecleanups and so..... 

I would prefer to adding the features from the 1.1release and not port the


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