Making the user manual

Ralf Funken funken.ruk at
Sun Feb 20 11:17:38 UTC 2000

Hi all,

I'm working on the german translation for the tutorial index.sgml. Usually I
use Webmaker for this purpose but Ralf Nolden told me kdevelop was fine for
this (of course it is :-) ) so I decided to give it a try. Now here's the
problem with it:
I need to say ksgml2html index.sgml de to have the german translations for
next, previous and top but the make user doc dialog won't let me choose the
language. I think this should be built into the dialog, what do you think.
Sorry I can't do that myself because I'm just beginning to have a look at
KDE/Qt programming and I don't want to mess around in the code.


email: rfunken at
the kdevelop project:

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