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W. Tasin tasin at
Fri Feb 18 11:31:58 UTC 2000

Ralf Nolden wrote:
> Hi Walter,

Hi Ralf,

> could we make this "Rebuild before execute dialog" somehow optional ?
> The idea to save time to start the project app is nice, but can´t we
> make this somhow more optional, this thing is going on my nerves to
> always quit that dialog.

yes... of course...
I was also thinking about this...
but about the way to do so i´m stressing my mind...
should it be project specific or kdevelop specific... 

there are three situations to handle: always rebuild, rebuild if sources
have changed,
warn me before rebuild

I think this is project specific, since we have to handle also custom
(there it should be "rebuild always" by default)

So please, let me know what do you (all of the list) are thinking about

I will implement it...


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