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Mon Feb 14 21:04:21 UTC 2000

Ralf Funken wrote:
> Hi,
> > Please test it... if it would be ok, we could create a tarball...
> > to put it on the mirror...
> I tested it, and now it works alright. I had to configure with --with-qt-html
> though KDevelop found the qt docs which are in /usr/lib/qt/html. Then I had to
> unzip the qt.kdoc.gz, change BASE URL (which was set to / ) and gzip it again.
> Now all the links to Qxxxx work. They didn't without configuring like
> described and making the change in qt.kdoc.
Really strange...
Do you have to do so with kdevelop, too?
It is the same algorithm to check the pathes... could you tell me what
"configure" says 
without the --with-qt-html switch?
Where are your qt-includes?? What is the value of $QTDIR? 

It should work w/o your way...
after having re-configured with --with-qt-html you can redo a "make
clean" and "make", so it does all this for you. 

If the BASE URL in qt.kdoc.gz was wrong... so all QT-cross-links in the
whole documentation won't work... 

> I have some questions about it though. There are some folders which came with
> the kdoc1 version and are not in the kdoc2 one. These are jscript, kdeutils,
> kfmlib, kio and mediatool. Is this correct?

Yes I know this...
with kdoc 2 a file called kdoc.rules (in the kdelib-sources) will be
used to select certain directories for creating the documentation... in
this file these named directories are missing... so the documentation
for these will not be created... why? 
I don´t know... but till I don´t know if KDE considers these directories
(and the classes inside) as obsolete I will not insert it in the

> Anyway, thanx for the files
> Ralf



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