Ralf Funken funken.ruk at netcologne.de
Mon Feb 14 18:00:59 UTC 2000


> Please test it... if it would be ok, we could create a tarball...
> to put it on the mirror...
I tested it, and now it works alright. I had to configure with --with-qt-html
though KDevelop found the qt docs which are in /usr/lib/qt/html. Then I had to
unzip the qt.kdoc.gz, change BASE URL (which was set to / ) and gzip it again.
Now all the links to Qxxxx work. They didn't without configuring like
described and making the change in qt.kdoc.

I have some questions about it though. There are some folders which came with
the kdoc1 version and are not in the kdoc2 one. These are jscript, kdeutils,
kfmlib, kio and mediatool. Is this correct?

Anyway, thanx for the files


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