Kdevelop 1.1beta2 with Qt 2.x?

Mike Harrison polaris at mediaone.net
Tue Feb 8 18:01:35 UTC 2000


I'm new to Qt and Kdevelop and it's not clear from www.kdevelop.org if it is
possible to use Qt 2.x with the latest Kdevelop 1.1beta2 that's available
for download.  I do see that the 1.0 is NOT to be used with it, but it looks
like 1.1beta2 *can* from the comments about it's development.  Could you
please let me know?

Also, I was wondering if one of your team would mind taking the time to
document the best way to install Kdevelop on Redhat 6.1.  I have looked at
the page Rod Roark did for Redhat 6.0 and Kdevelop 1.0, but things seem to
have changed enough with 6.1 and 1.1beta2 to warrant some help here.

Thanks and keep up the excellent work!

Michael E. Harrison
Research Scientist
Veridian-ERIM International
Sensor Development and Applications Group

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