Bug#2661: Crashs in Makefiles

Gaël ZIMMERMANN gzimmerm at info-ufr.univ-montp2.fr
Mon Feb 7 11:15:25 UTC 2000

Package: kdevelop
Version: 1.1beta2
Severity: normal

Sometimes, when adding a file to the project, such 
as new class, or translation file, the Makefile suddenly
stop to consider the project as a Qt project. I get a lot
of message saying there are undefined virtual methods,
typical of non-use of moc. For now, i workaround this
by mocing at hand and #including the files.moc.cpp, 
but it's a bit awkward.
I've already encountering this bug with 1.0abeta1, and
guessed it should be corrected with the new version...
Alas, no. And I don't have found report of this problem 
on the KDE bugs report pages, so I mail it, but am I
the only one who have this problem? ("c'est pas juste!").

System info:
An AMD K6-2 computer with 
-initially RedHat 6.0 and Kdevelop 1.0abeta, and
all programs used by it, including the non-required.
KDE version was 1.1.1
bug here.
-Now a Mandrake 6.1 with still all progs asked for
by kdevelop, even the new ones, except for Qt2/KDE2,
and KDE version is 1.1.2
bug still here.

Gaël, >> <gzimmerm at info-ufr.univ-montp2.fr> <<

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