KDevelop 1.0beta4 does not work.

Paul Derbyshire derbyshire at mail.globalserve.net
Sat Feb 5 18:46:06 UTC 2000

I found an RPM and installed it (my system is Red Hat derived). After about
eight tries I got it to build the documentation and index.

And then -- nothing. The KDevelop window comes up but the documentation
won't work -- if I try to browse around, all I get is this/index.html can't
be found, that/index.html can't be found. If I look in the guts of the RPM
I see something really odd. There is a separate set of program
documentation for each of about fifty locales, but most of the locales have
only a couple files, whereas the "en" (english I assume, which makes it
what I'm using) locale has a large, seemingly full package -- except it
lacks a lot of the index.htmls. Including welcome/index.html. The nearby
German (de) locale directory has a welcome/index.html (but very little

It looks like the RPM I got is missing large chunks of documentation files.
This, mind you, is the basic program documentation, not the KDE library
documentation it's suppoosed to generate and index.

I am sending this to you guys instead of to the list because when I
subscribed to the list earlier today, it silently failed -- there was no
bounce and no listserv error message, but the typical "welcome aboard"
didn't occur either, nor even a simple "job results" summary. There was
simply nothing, as though the mail was sent to a valid account, but there
was nobody home to read it...strange indeed.
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