Components and the application

Ivan Hawkes linuxgroupie at
Fri Dec 29 17:54:25 UTC 2000

I've been extending my bug tracking component, and have reached a stalemate. 
I'd like to keep a seperate bug file for each subproject in a project 
file...seems reasonable. The problem is twofold:

1. Project close notification is not sent.
2. Project change notification is not sent.

Both are probably related. I've hacked a bunch of code in to relay 
notification to all the loaded components when a change occurs, but have got 
caught at the final post. The ProjectSpace needs to be able to inform other 
components when someone has changed projectspace or subprojects. The code is 
in place now, but I don't know what everyone had planned for accessing the 
KDevelopCore. Is there some sort of hook for the components to access this? I 
saw the DCOP interface, but don't know anything about DCOP yet ;-)

Are the components given a handle to the KDevelopCore at creation time, and 
if not, should they?

Now is probably a good time for everyone to start relating what their vision 
of the overall structure is...I'd like a better idea of the infrastructure to 
program to before I hack it to crap ;->

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