KDevelop2.0 Java support, progress report

Richard Dale Richard_Dale at tipitina.demon.co.uk
Wed Dec 20 18:08:42 UTC 2000

> > On Tue, 12 Dec 2000, Bernd Gehrmann wrote:
> > > 'Add method' menu item). So you must have several class stores and
> > > you must be able to distinguish them. It's possible to extend the
> > > framework in this way. It's possible to extend other frameworks in
> > > this way. But you will never get support for that automagically
> > > in either of them.
> >
On Wednesday 13 December 2000 14:34, Richard Dale wrote:
> > I think different languages can put their stuff into the same class store
> > if you were to have special (ie hidden from the user) top level namespaces
> > for each language, eg '_java.', _objc.' and none for C++. With different
> > class stores, I would expect it might be harder to design the UI so that
> > you can browse different languages at the same time
On Wednesday 13 December 2000 14:34, Sandy Meier wrote:
> I think implementing multilanguage support (in one project) would be 
> difficult and most of the user wouldn't need this. I think the KDevelop2 
> framework will be complex enough, so is this really nessesary?

I've got my Java parser in 'javasupport' working with a single language per
project. I will upload it to the KDevelop site after the Christmas break - I've
have one or two things to do yet, but it's looking good. I agree we should try
and get single language support working first - I've been using Objective-C
with a similar restriction for a year or so, and haven't found class name
clashes to be a problem. I have worked out how I think the per language scope
path display should work in the class browser.

I have generated JNI bindings for over 260 Qt classes, and have a patch for the
uic tool to generate Java code (please find attached the Java code generated
for the KDevelop App wizard .ui file). I have about 400+ KDE classes compiled
for Java, but not the corresponding C++ JNI binding code yet (circa 3 days
work). It would be nice to be able to give Borland and JBuilder a run for their
money in the new year...

Have a good holiday everyone
-- Richard
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