Bernd Gehrmann bernd at physik.hu-berlin.de
Tue Dec 12 10:08:07 UTC 2000

On Tue, 12 Dec 2000, John Birch wrote:
> Okay,
> Just got back from a long ride - that always helps.
> I'm not going to buy into you're "there can be only one" statement (shades of 
> "Highlander" anyone :-) Let me give you a real example - kdevelop
> It's C++/C right 

I'm not sure... the project management seems to be written in a special
C++ variant with garbage collection ;-)

> - well wrong actually there's lots of wonderful perl in it. 
> Hmmm, Why isn't this parsed? 

Because perl is such a convoluted mess that only L.W. can write
a parser for it :-) [1]

> There are various ways to do this, but one would 
> be to have two separate class browsers at the same time. Quite conceivable 
> and there could be benefits from this approach. But it can't be done because 
> the framework will not allow it. (note: I'm not suggesting we actually do 
> this!)

I assume you mean two parsers, not two class browsers? It's perfectly
possible to have many class browsers [2]. If you want to support several
languages in the same project, you have to rethink everything related
to the sourceinfo anyway. You can't just let several different parsers
put their stuff into the same class store, because you must be able
to distinguish classes written in different languages (e.g. for the
'Add method' menu item). So you must have several class stores and
you must be able to distinguish them. It's possible to extend the
framework in this way. It's possible to extend other frameworks in
this way. But you will never get support for that automagically
in either of them.

[1] Hey, I _love_ perl :-)
[2] Two months ago, I had another one. Unfortunately, I was stupid
    enough to do a 'make cvs-clean' without having investigated
    what it actually does :-(((( I still have shivering hands whenever
    I think about rewriting it...

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