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Ivan Hawkes linuxgroupie at
Sun Dec 10 21:30:45 UTC 2000

On Sunday 10 December 2000  6:38 pm, you wrote:
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> Sorry if you got this email twice, but my mailserver accepted emails, but
> didn't forward it in the last days. :-(.
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> On Samstag,  9. Dezember 2000 17:41, you wrote:
> > This is odd...I was able to view it at work on friday. Maybe it's my
> > browser? I'm running the HEAD version of kdenetwork from a couple of days
> > ago. The error message is below.
> >
> >
> > Fatal error: Call to undefined function: module_head() in
> > /home/smeier/public_html/www/main.html on line 1
> Ok, I found the problem. :-) The old konqueror/kcookiejar stores the cookie
> value with quotes. If you started the new konqueror (2.1) all values are
> converted to a new format without quotes. This works until you use the old
> konqueror again. Cookies are now sended with wrong values.

It sure gets messy when you are recompiling the OS you run on. Are you guys 
thinking of setting a target release of KDE to compile against?

> Please click on the "themes" link ( to set the cookie
> again.
> Ciao!
> Sandy

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