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Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Thu Aug 31 06:05:06 UTC 2000

Best Snowman wrote:
> I put a jpeg file on your FTP server. It is a kind of
> just for fun joking around splash screen. The file
> name is "mattbannerkdk83000.jpg" (without quotes of
> course). I can change it to any version number if you
> would like to use it. Just as a confirmation on the
> left edge it will say "Created by Matthew Newman -
> best_snowman at yahoo.com" which also can be removed if
> you wish to use it.
> -Matthew Newman
> __________________________________________________
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> http://mail.yahoo.com/

It´s nice but I think it needs some tuning here and there. The most
obvious is the english text which sounds nice but isn´t able to
internationalize - which is always the same for pictures on dialogs. I
think using the 1.2 one as a "template" with the general words
information hiding, inheritance etc. which should be understandable for
everyone even not speaking english fluently as it comes across someone
while reading literature about C++ are a bit better here. 

Just my 2c,

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