latest compile error

Christian Couder chcouder at
Sat Aug 19 13:57:33 UTC 2000

Bernd Gehrmann wrote :
> >
> > I get the following undefined references
> Perhaps you updated five minutes too early? ;-)
> >grep lib/projectmanagement/CVS/Entries
> / Aug 19 10:54:54 2000//

Yes, I updated again and as I just said, I had to run moc by hand only
once for newprojectdlgbase.h and everything compiled ;-)

If you need someone to test this, I volunteer to.

And then, when it works fine, I also volunteer to make it works for QT2
and KDE2 projects in Kdevelop1.

But perhaps we will need to have a generic solution first, because I am
not sure the current solution is generic enought.


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