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>I am a computer science student from Poland. I am about to write my
>thesis, which will include a program written i C/C++ running under Linux.
>I will probably use KDevelop as a tool.
>While I think it's great, I have an proposition for you to consider. Why
>dont't you make available the documentation in other forms than HTML? I
>would like very much to print it out and read carefully... I know that I
>can print it even from HTML, but it would be much more convenient to use
>for examplle postscript for this purpuose.
>Please consider that.
>Good luck. You are doing a really great job guys!
>Bartek Obojski

Hi Bartek,

you can find the complete english manuals in postscript at
The manuals are available in A4, letter and source ( in case you need a 
different paper size).



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