Bug#2932: Problem/bug resolved: KDevelop crashes w/ new proj.

Stefan Hellwig StefanHellwig at web.de
Thu Aug 17 13:54:55 UTC 2000


I just thought you should know that this bug (#2932, KDevelop crashes when
creating a new project) no longer exists. It is/was caused by buggy routines
in libstdc++ and is related to ifstreams and ofstreams. Part of the problem
was solved by the "ofstream" patch I provided (it entered KDevelop source
on June 3, 2000). If it still crashes, there are two options:

 - configure/compile KDevelop with "--enable-debug"
 - replace the buggy libstdc++

I actually did both. First I compiled it with --enable-debug and later I
replaced the libstdc++ and my glibc. Previous versions: libstdc++ 2.9 and
glibc 2.0.7 (SuSE 6.0), now: libstdc++-v3 and glibc 2.1.2, gcc 2.95.2.

Regards, Stefan.

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