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Tue Aug 15 18:38:00 UTC 2000

Reginald Stadlbauer wrote:

> > The problem now is that we must find a way to call the uic on the .ui
> > files. Do you have an idea about how should the user do this ?
> > Perhaps the best would be to modify the compile and build commands so
> > that they automatically compiles the ui files if they have been modified
> > ?
> Yes, it really should be integrated in the build system (just like moc). But
> didn't Ralph mention earlier, that he basically did that already. Also Coolo
> is working on getting the uic stuff into the KDE buildsystem, but I have no
> idea how close this goes together.

No, I said that it should be put into the templates like am_edit, but
I´ve currently absolutely no time to even think about doing it myself.
If there are any volunteers, feel free to hack !! ;-)


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