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Sandy Meier smeier at kdevelop.org
Sun Aug 6 15:32:57 UTC 2000

Walter, just another number of parsers that we can evaluate now.  :-) For those
who don't know wipeout please checkout


P.S the download URL is:  ftp://wxStudio.sourceforge.net/pub/wxstudio/ :-)

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Subject: [wxstudio-dev] Uploaded source code
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 16:48:22 +0200
From: Gerd Mueller <gerd at smb-tec.com>

Hi all,

Long time promised now done ... I've uploaded the complete WipeOut source code.
The package includes 

- socket++: a library for socket communication
- wxXt: this is a modifed version of wxXt 1.66d with some bugs fixed and
  features added
- WipeOut: unfortunatly there is only few documentation, but the design is
  straight forward so it should be not that hard to get a picture of the whole

Here is a short overview of the WipeOut directory structure:

    Browser      : a library which contains some higher level GUI components.
                   you may generate a docu with doc++
    Bugview      : the debugger front end for gdb/jdb
    ClassBrowser : the WipeOut class browser
        CppParser     : the C++ parser
        EiffelParser  : the Eiffel parser
        FortranParser : the Fortran 77/90 parser
        JavaParser    : the Java parser
    DmPack2  : a C++ library which contains collection classes, object
               streaming, a string class, you may generate a docu with doc++         
        comm : socket based communication classes for RMI     
        kial : Kernel Interface Abstraction Layer - wraps some OS depended    
               stuff as directories, files, etc.     
    Generic : a generic WipeOut component to see how the development of an own
              component has to be done     
    Profiler : the start of a Java Profiler using the Java Profiler interface 
    Project  : the project browser, revision browser, and make tool    
    SurfBoard : the HTML, man, and info page browser of WipeOut     
    TextEditor : the text editor 'e3'     
    bitmaps : all bitmaps used by WipeOut     
    contrib :          
        SpellMaster : a front end for ispell 
    external-editor : macros and scripts for Nedit and Xemacs binding

After uncompressing the package change to the 'wo' directory and start make.
This should compile to whole stuff on the most Linux and Solaris systems. If
there are problems or any questions just drop an email.

There is also a user documentation and a tutorial available 

Best Regards,

Gerd Mueller                                    gerd at smb-tec.com     
SMB GmbH                                  http://www.smb-tec.com

Old school buds here:
email: smeier at kdevelop.org  ICQ: 27681958
the KDevelop project: http://www.kdevelop.org
offline/vacation from: 18.8.2000-4.9.2000

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