Bug(???) report...

Vlad Zolotarov vladz at mellanox.co.il
Sun Aug 6 10:59:22 UTC 2000

Hi, there are , actualy, a few questions about "KDevelop 1.2"  (it may be
1) Can u tell me why when i try to set in Project Options -> Compiler
Warnings Make all warnings into errors flag it says to me that i have
"instalation or configuration problems" and it is the only place where i
receive shch a message.
2) There is an interesting behaviour of KDevelop when u compile a project
that use additional libraries (in Compiler Options added -I./ -I < path to
header files>, in Linker Option -> additional libraries  added -L/<path to
libriaries> -l<libriary name>). It compiles and links the project but when u
try to run in under KDevelop  it says "./<project name>: error in loading
shared libraries: lib<library name>.so: cannot open shared object file: No
such file or directory"  (the libraty is shared).  But when u run the
executable that KDevelop have made from command line or using internal
debuger (without breakpoints) it runs without any error message.
Can u explain this?

Thank u and
Best regards.

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