newbie: how to debug KDevelop-1.2 ?

Ralf Nolden nolden at
Tue Aug 1 20:00:14 UTC 2000

Dan Clemmensen wrote:
> I need to add some functionality to KDevelop-1.2. (I'll eventually
> submit the new stuff for addition to KDevelop 2.0, but I need to
> deploy it for existing KDE 1.x desktops first.)
> I downloaded the KDevelop-1.2 tarball and successfully built and
> installed it. Great. I noticed that the expanded tarball appears to itself
> be a KDevelop project, so I opened it using the (newly-created)
> KDevelop-1.2. However, it appears to be somewhat confused: it's
> partly a standard project and partly a custom project.

Please get the sources from the cvs via anonymous cvs as described on You need to use the tag KDEVELOP_1_0 to get kdevelop 1.2,
the HEAD (untagged) contains 2.0. If you do any changes we can apply
them easier when you use the cvs version.

> Question 1:
> How do I add a new class? If I use the "New class" feature,
> the .cpp and .h files are properly created and registered. However,the
> file is updated, which causes an attempt to recreate the Makefile,
> which fails because (I think) am_edit is missing. Fine. I therefore
> just did a manual update of the Makefile. Blech. (Note to non-native
> english speakers: "Blech" is a sound indicating disgust, not an english
> word.)
You need to edit the according of the directory that
contains your new  class. You can´t add new classes if you use the
tarball which doesn´t contain the developer´s setup files for the
project -> use anon cvs.

> Question 2:
> How do you debug? If you run the make, an object file named kdevelop/kdevelop
> is generated, and can be run under the debugger, but has no debug information.
> However, if I recompile with the -g option, the generated file named
> kdevelop is a script, and cannot be run under the debugger. Incidentally,
> the only way I could find to compile with the -g option was to
> set an environment variable prior to running KDevelop:
>     export AM_CXXFLAGS=-g;kdevelop kdevelop.kdprj &

If you use kdevelop1.2 it should do this automatically. Otherwise you
can select the binary to debug which is in the .libs dir.
> Question 3:
> Did I miss something fundamental? maybe I
> started from the wrong tarball? Maybe I should just find an
> am_edit (whatever that is) and add it? Any help will be deeply
> appreciated!

Here you get it ;-)  If you have problems using cvs to check out
kdevelop 1.2 please ask for help.

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