newbie: how to debug KDevelop-1.2 ?

Dan Clemmensen danc at
Tue Aug 1 17:45:54 UTC 2000

I need to add some functionality to KDevelop-1.2. (I'll eventually
submit the new stuff for addition to KDevelop 2.0, but I need to
deploy it for existing KDE 1.x desktops first.)

I downloaded the KDevelop-1.2 tarball and successfully built and
installed it. Great. I noticed that the expanded tarball appears to itself
be a KDevelop project, so I opened it using the (newly-created)
KDevelop-1.2. However, it appears to be somewhat confused: it's
partly a standard project and partly a custom project.

Question 1:

How do I add a new class? If I use the "New class" feature,
the .cpp and .h files are properly created and registered. However,the file is updated, which causes an attempt to recreate the Makefile,
which fails because (I think) am_edit is missing. Fine. I therefore
just did a manual update of the Makefile. Blech. (Note to non-native
english speakers: "Blech" is a sound indicating disgust, not an english

Question 2:

How do you debug? If you run the make, an object file named kdevelop/kdevelop
is generated, and can be run under the debugger, but has no debug information.
However, if I recompile with the -g option, the generated file named
kdevelop is a script, and cannot be run under the debugger. Incidentally,
the only way I could find to compile with the -g option was to
set an environment variable prior to running KDevelop:
    export AM_CXXFLAGS=-g;kdevelop kdevelop.kdprj &

Question 3:

Did I miss something fundamental? maybe I
started from the wrong tarball? Maybe I should just find an
am_edit (whatever that is) and add it? Any help will be deeply

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