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W. Tasin tasin at
Thu Apr 27 16:16:39 UTC 2000

Hi together,

due to the discussions, I did make a lexer, which is written completely
in C language and takes the lexems from a textfile (it uses the
signal/slot concept of QT).

- structured languages can be parsed (by changing the textfile /
- the lexer can be also used for the project management to parse the
- it lexes the file from the memory (and not from the file), so it can
be used to parsed the contents of the unsaved edit-widget
- line, column and position in the text-string are saved (so later it
can be optimized to parse only parts of the text)
- no flex problems anymore ;-)

This is only an idea to do. You can see the actual version at

It still is a commandline tool which parsed a named file:
You can find the C-language lexemlist in

Either the file ./clang.lexlist (if present) or
$(kde_datadir)/check_lex/clang.lexlist will be used for the lexem-list.

call: check_lex <filename>
to get the result (maybe you should use also a output-redirection to
have the result in a textfile)

  intepreting of the statement results to make a tree-list, some
optimizations, etc. etc.

This is a alpha version, so please let me know what you are thinking of


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