kdevelop-1.1 bug

Ralf Nolden Ralf.Nolden at post.rwth-aachen.de
Fri Apr 14 18:24:02 UTC 2000

"W. Tasin" wrote:
> Arun Sharma wrote:
> >
> > Core dump on doing a "Rebuild All" in a test application. The attached
> > patch fixes the problem in the FreeBSD kdevelop-1.1 port.
> >
> >         -Arun
> >
> Hi Arun,
> thx for the patch, but I don't understand it!!
Me neither ;-)

Arun, you´ve probably installed kdevelop from the ports collection. I
experienced that the KDE ports are not very stable because the packagers
use qt-1.44 once and once 1.45 and there are probably other issues with
libraries and that is probably why you´ve had that segfault. Your
"patch" indeed doesn´t do anything useful like Walter already explained.
It should work if you compile KDevelop yourself though with changing I
think one include in the classparser for FlexLexer.h or something (at
least I did that when compiling, but the patch is included in the ports
collection as well)

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